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Fall Orders are Filling Up


It's official- summer is over. Well, almost. Kids are heading back to school, we finally got some rain (!), and temperatures are starting to come down just a little. 

Many people know that the common wisdom is to plant trees in the fall. What some miss is that in order to get your trees planted in the fall you might need to get your trees ordered ASAP! We're currently sitting around 50 open work orders waiting for fall digging. While we're happy to plant throughout the later fall and winter, there can be a sweet spot of timing for the tree (when the tree is dormant) and before the ground is saturated with water and is more likely to be damaged. This affects some sites and not others. It might be a factor for you to consider.

The other timing factor is that September is often one of our busiest months for sales. That means customers are picking out the nicest of each variety. So, if you know you need the shade, privacy, or beauty that a big tree can bring, it might be a good idea to get out to our nursery and get yours tagged!

You can always call us with any questions about availability, pricing, accessibility, etc at 503-640-3011

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