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The Big Trees Today Difference

There’s a reason our trees are featured in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the northwest (see our About Us page for a small sample of some of our past customers). 


So, what is the Big Trees Today Difference?

Our mature trees are field grownroot-pruned, and individually shaped to provide the best possible specimens that are ready to make an instant impact in your landscape.


The BTT difference is... the size and fullness of our trees.

Mature Trees: The first thing you’ll notice when you come to Big Trees Today is how large our trees are.  We leave the small stuff to the garden centers and specialize in planting large, mature trees.  We were planting the trees you want now years ago so you can enjoy their shade, privacy and beauty today. 


The BTT difference is ... in the roots.

Field Grown: All of our trees are field grown.  Because our trees are already rooted in rich North Willamette valley soil they adapt to being planted in our customers landscapes far better than trees that are rooted in potting mix and grown in a container.  So not only are Big Trees Today trees larger to begin with, they will establish and grow  much faster than containerized trees from the garden center.
Root-pruned - drip irrigated: Our trees are all root-pruned, resulting in a more compact and vigorous root system.  Here's how that benefits our customers. Root pruned trees are more robust trees that thrive after transplanting and make an instant positive impact on your landscape.  Drip irrigation encourages deep rooting and discourages surface roots that can destroy sidewalks and lawns.  


The BTT difference is... in the pruning.

Individually Shaped: Our trees are carefully pruned and individually trained from the time they are very small.  We work hard to cultivate strong trunks, balanced branch scaffolding and good overall structure. Unlike those who purchase their trees at garden centers, our customers won't need to worry about pruning for years to come.


The BTT difference is ... in our guarantee.

When we sell and plant it, we guarantee it! For over 30 years, our guarantee has enabled thousands of satisfied customers to purchase their trees with confidence. (see what our customers are saying).  Why gamble with your investment in trees? When you buy from BTT you can rest assured that you are getting the very highest quality trees and the best planting expertise available. We stand behind our work with our guarantee so our customers don't need to worry.


The BTT difference is ... our goal, customer satisfaction.

At Big Trees Today our goal has always been our customer's satisfaction. The fact that now after 30 years, our two largest sales sources continue to b"referrals" and "repeat customers" testifies to our commitment to customer satisfaction. For us, it's all about you.

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